Power Quality Audit

Enervision offers integrated services in Power Quality Analysis.

Management of power quality has been an additional responsibility of the facility managers in the recent years.

Power quality standards vary with sensitivity of equipments. A three phase induction motor has good degree of tolerance to poor power quality compared to a VFD.

Power Quality can get affected due to either poor quality of power supplied by electric utility or effect of certain equipments installed by the consumer.

Power Quality Analysis for Data & Call Centres PCs & UPS, Variable Speed Drives, Soft starters, Electronic ballast & Dimming systems in lighting, DC supplies are commonplace in industry and commercial establishments. Extensive use of such and other power electronic equipments has given rise to high levels of harmonics in the electrical distribution networks.

Harmonics are responsible for distortion of AC waveform and a number of undesired events that indicate threat to power quality.

Power quality management, therefore, consists in restoring degree of power quality to different equipments as per required standards.

First step to PQM is power quality audit, which establishes quality of power received from electric utility as well as the degree of effect on power quality by the equipments installed.

Management of power quality brings in certain benefits that are direct as well as indirect.

Direct benefits include reduction in KWh consumption & KVA demand thereby reducing electrical charges.

Indirect benefits include enhancement of loading capacity by reduction in loading of transformers, switchgear & cables, reduction of iron & copper losses in transformers & motors, protection to power factor correction capacitors, etc.